The Arriva Heritage Fleet


RM 1124

Introduced in 1962 to replace Trolleybuses, this vehicle was restored in late 2009 / early 2010.

RM 1124 can be considered a standard Routemaster no different to 2000 others when you review its working life, but it joined the heritage fleet as it was fitted with a Euro 2 Cummins B series engine in January 2002. This meant the engine met the emissions standards set for London until 2012, however it was declared exempt as a heritage bus, in common with all Routemasters.

RM 1124 started life at Fulwell replacing the last London Trolleybuses in May 1962. For the next 11 years the bus stayed at Fulwell even returning there in February 1967 after its first overhaul.

After a second overhaul in May 1974 the bus moved to Peckham for routes 12, 36 and 63. When Metropolitans entered service on route 63 in September 1976 RM 1124 move to Brixton for the conversion of route 109 to Routemaster. In March 1978 the bus headed west to Kingston but would return to Brixton in December 1992 to finish its London passenger service. In the meantime it had spells at Mortlake, Camberwell, Peckham and New Cross.

In 1993 its AEC engine was replaced with an Iveco 8360 and it was re-registered VYJ 806. Another change in 1994 saw it gain the red and cream 159 livery for three years.

In 2002 apart from the fitment of a Euro 2 engine it also gained a Telma electrical retarder.